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We have been having quite the battle with Cooper this week due to an unfortunately accident. The other night one of the cats claws caught Coopers eye. Off we rushed to the emergency vet because I do know treating an eye right away is super important and can mean the difference between loosing or keeping the eye. We got lucky that it was his vet that was on call. Problem is skunks are very sensitive to medications and we weren't sure what he couldn't and couldn't have so I had an idea to call a few skunk vets in the states. After about 5 tries we finally got one. Can you believe that one vet office had an answer machine saying they were closed for the day and left no emergency contact info??
Anyhow, 2 eye creams to put in the eye 5 times a day, antibiotics, pain relief and a very broke pocket book. Took him in the next day where they knocked him out to try to clean up the eye and have a better look. Thankfully the globe is still intact but his eye is really damaged and has a deep ulceration running through it. :(
Yesterday he developed a sorta bubble on the outside of the eye where it is coming out of its casing but the vet is confident he will keep his eye.
Today, it looks worse. I dunno. He is in again at 5.


Poor Coops.
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You do make the best around.

The proof is in the puddinCollapse )
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Last night there was a big war over a plastic bag between one skunk and two little kittens.

Nevermind, I will let the photos do the talking.Collapse )

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Test post. Move along.
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I forgot to post about seeing Eddie Izzard live the other week. I posted on Facebook but not here. My bad. Anyhow, he was amazing and we had excellent seats. I would definitely go to see one of his shows again. He enjoyed himself and kept breaking into little fits of laughter and messed up quite a few times. But I like that. I like that he wasn't reading off a script and was just going along with the base of what he already had built up to say to us.
Two kittens in the house has been quite fun. They are currently pretending to kill each other.
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Ahh, yes. I do have five now. It wasn't planned. Only one was suppose to be coming but his brother also came to move in with a friend and no one had the heart to split them up since they were so bonded.
They are named like the other cats, with bike type names. So I now have a Yamaha and a Beezer to go along with Triton, Harley and Vincent Black Shadow. Of course, none go by their real names. They are Yammy, Beez, Bicky, Pudz and Mew.
So without further ado meet the two new additions,
Yammy and Beez
Beez and Yammy

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Someone convince me I don't need 5 cats. Have had an abuse case in tonight. She loves Steve. She was abused quite badly by a woman. Ugly yet different. Only 12-14 weeks.

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Rescuing can be so rewarding but damn if it isn't trying sometimes. Due to recent events the rescue account is in the negative. *sigh* People who just can't see their ferret is sick and we end up with it and have to foot the bill. Or the rescue that was sick that someone let go and we get a call from a neighbor and collect it and it needs life saving surgery because it has pyometra http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyometra (along with various other problems). Which was the case yesterday. Our account is -7. I know it isn't deep in the red but I hate seeing a negative. Then tonight I get 12 kits and two adults dumped on me. I don't have room for them but was too damn soft to say no. They said the kits were 9 weeks. WTF????? Some of them don't have both eyes open yet. I told them they weren't 9 weeks but more like 4 1/2 to 6 weeks. Not just one litter, but a few. I can't be sure it is 12 but it is a very close guess. By the time they were gone and some people who were here to adopt an adult had left, it was too dark to have a check over them. I will do it first thing in the morning. Thing is, I pay for their food out of my pocket. I pay £2 a rabbit when dressed. Sometimes I hit lucky and have them dumped on my door undressed for £1 each. Now this many kits that I have in will cost me about £4 to £5 a day in raw meats. And remember, this is from my own pocket. We aren't rich folks by any means. My husband has a awesome job and works full time but the pay is shit shit shit. Really shit because the company is new and they can't really afford to pay him properly. But when he likes his job, money really doesn't come into play.
I am ranting. I know. I am just so fed up. Times like this you just feel like packing it in because the rewards don't seem so great then.

Just to clarify, in rewards I mean the people I make happy by fitting the right ferret(s) into their lives. I don't mean money as I am always personally out of pocket money wise. I buy bedding, litter, toys, hammocks/beds, food, ect. Heck, I have even had to pay vet bills before.
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I am still in the whole wondering stage. And the what ifs. I mean, EVERYTHING I have read shows a poor prognosis for my dad. But it was caught early. Just 3 months ago he was checked and was given the all clear. So yes, fast moving but caught quickly. But I am so damn far away. What if this is his last xmas? Our plans aren't to visit until April. These plans were in place before the news... I do not want my father spending his Xmas without us. Our family is very small. There isn't anyone left on my fathers side apart from me and the kids. The family on my mothers side is tiny. And if my dad is terminal, thankfully everyone over on this side of the pond understands that I will spend a 6 months back home if that is needed. Without them. I have hopefully a lifetime with my husband and kids. But if my father is terminal, I want to spend my time with him.
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ARGHHH! My dad's cancer is back. It wasn't there 3 months ago. Yesterday they found pin pricks all over his lungs and he has it on his liver too. He has Metastatic Cancer. Everywhere I have been reading says the prognosis isn't good. They won't give him a prognosis until they see how he reacts to more freaking chemo.
Fucking cancer.
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