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My paid LJ lapsed and I haven't been able to renew it yet and I think it has screwed something up. I can't see anyones name on my friends page at all and have no idea who is posting. It is really frustrating not knowing who is posting what without having to click the post and all that jazz. Grr! Anyone know how to fix it? I did a search to try to find out how but couldn't find any answers.

Two baby skunks were dropped off for me to skunksit for the weekend. Cooper is NOT impressed. He is running around stomping, grumbling and hollering quite loudly. He is a brat.

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On November 17th, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC), neat_and_pretty commented:
you are paid up now for six more months, sorry I didnt see this before I am just catching up on friends posts from the last month this evening whilst the kids are at ballet school. love you loads, H xx
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